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GRAPHIC-AL is a series of aluminum composite materials (ACM) designed for indoor and outdoor signage and display. All GRAPHIC-AL products are produced by continuous coil coating and laminating processes. Every GRAPHIC-AL product, therefore, has a consistent coating quality as well as excellent flatness. (Use product buttons on home page for more details.) Every GRAPHIC-AL product has good workability. Processing methods, however, depend on each product. (Use “Fabrication Methods” link for more details.)

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GRAPHIC-AL LT is a light and tough ACM composed of 0.010” aluminum skins which give the panel both flexibility and strength. It is workable with cutter, router and bender for processing, yet it withstands external loading after installation. GRAPHIC-AL LT is a reversible panel, coil-coated with polyester paints, that is compatible with graphic films and screen-printing.

GRAPHIC-AL HP is coil-coated with high performance paint that keeps its original appearance for a long time. GRAPHIC-AL HP is suitable for outdoor canopies and fascia signs for corporate identity and retail shops. GRAPHIC-AL HP has a 10-year coating warranty.

GRAPHIC-AL OR is an original, super-lightweight ACM for signage and displays. It is composed of 0.005” thick aluminum and a foamed polyethylene core. GRAPHIC-AL OR offers high rigidity, excellent flatness and smoothness. Easily cut with a substrate cutter and saw, this original material delivers stellar performance over a wide range of applications. Minimum purchase required.

GRAPHIC-AL DP is a direct-printable ACM. It offers the same impressive qualities as GRAPHIC-AL OR, but delivers the added benefit of being compatible with flatbed printers and UV curable ink.